I am your regular customer. I really love your products!


I have a small request – actually, I am begging!!!

If any of your product managers will try to convince you that it is worth “making the recipe cheaper”, “reducing costs”, etc. – fire him next day!!!

People buy your products, because they are excellent. Work on the brand, not on cheaper recipes – there is too much bad food in Poland. Your products are exceptional – it is your capital!!!

The price is important, but you really do not have to be the cheapest on the market.


Kind regards and thanks for excellent products at an affordable price!


Your customer from Warsaw,


I write to congratulate you on your products. I ate your fried cabbage and beetroots. As a vegetarian I am even more happy, because I could never find such dishes on the market before that would be free of even a bit of bacon or animal fat, which immediately eliminated them from my menu.

Thank you for this deliciousness!

I wish you many successes and send kind regards


We are proud of PROVITUS’ attitude towards the aspect of health of its Customers.

I have loved Provitus for many years, and it all began with the best pickled cucumbers with chilli in the country! They are not only excellent pickled cucumbers, but they also burn your mouth, as chilli is supposed to :)

Your fried beetroots and fried carrot with peas are incredible hits !!!!