Crangria – vitamin bomb, i.e. cranberry compote with fruits


Crangria is the only product of that kind on the Polish market. Cranberries, oranges, apples and lemons in a delicious, natural marinade is enough to prepare 2,5 l of drink. Not since today we know that cranberries, consumed as an element of a varied diet, have a positive effect on our health. They have both a therapeutic (in case of diseases of the urinary tract) and, most of all, preventive effect. The addition of oranges, lemons and apples causes that a glass of our compote will satisfy the daily requirement for vitamin C and, at the same time, will positively influence the other systems of your organism in a natural way.


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Sour cabbage – a healthy method for detoxification.

Kapusta kwaszona

Sour cabbage is a traditional, preserved food product. In the era of a trend for fit-life, it has its second youth.


Discover the healing properties of sour cabbage:
-it refreshes the mind, gives the feeling of joy,
-immunizes against stress
-stimulates metabolism
-strengthens the immune system and increases muscles efficiency
-accelerates the use of iron
-helps in building bone tissues more

Cranberry – fruit with the miraculous properties

Żurawina w syropie

Cranberries come from North America. Their fruits were used for different purposes, e.g. as a medicament or to preserve other products, e.g. meat.

A season for cranberries is very short that is why it is most often consumed in a processed form. Of course, fresh cranberries are the best, however, it is difficult to get them on our market. But you can easily provide yourself with dried cranberries, jams and juices, or pharmaceutical products containing dried cranberries concentrate.

Urinal system

For millennia cranberries were valued as a natural remedy for infections of the urinal system. In 1994 there was conducted a scientific research including 153 women, which proved that cranberries help in preventing urinal system infections. In the research, women consuming cranberry juice caught urinal system infections two times less often than those, who received placebo.
The protective effect of cranberry juice results from: more

Do you know that…

żurawina - działanie

Imagine turnips used in shoes or jackets..
Cranberry fruits contain secondary plant substances, which have an exceptional ability:

they prevent bacteria from deposing on mucous membranes.

It is what makes cranberry so special. The effect of anti-adhesion of pro-anthocyanidin causes that bacteria E. coli are washed out with urine and cannot cause infections of bladder or kidneys.