Crangria – vitamin bomb, i.e. cranberry compote with fruits


Crangria is the only product of that kind on the Polish market. Cranberries, oranges, apples and lemons in a delicious, natural marinade is enough to prepare 2,5 l of drink. Not since today we know that cranberries, consumed as an element of a varied diet, have a positive effect on our health. They have both a therapeutic (in case of diseases of the urinary tract) and, most of all, preventive effect. The addition of oranges, lemons and apples causes that a glass of our compote will satisfy the daily requirement for vitamin C and, at the same time, will positively influence the other systems of your organism in a natural way.


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New cucumbers – Gypsy Style!

Gypsy Style Cucumbers

Our cucumbers Gypsy Syle is a surprisingly interesting combination of cucumbers with tomatoes.

The result? Excellent! Created product  is a perfect complement to hot and cold dishes as well  itself as a light meal. Using this product is limited only by the imagination of the consumer. We suggest that it can be added anywhere we used so far  ketchup.

Enjoy oyur meal! :-)

Cranberry horseradish in Biedronka!


In September, we invite all fans of our cranberry horseradish from voivodeship Mazowieckie to get it in Biedronka!

PLMA 2013 World of Private Label May 28-29, 2013, Amsterdam – Netherlands


Each year, PLMA “World of Private Label” International Trade Show gather about 4000 producers and wholesalers, specializing in deliveries of products to shopping networks, hypermarkets and shops in the whole world, who – on their individual, national and regional stands – present sales offers in categories of fresh, frozen, cooled and ready food products and drinks, and in non-food categories, such as cosmetics, products for health and beauty, household articles, products for car care, DIY and other. This year we had an opportunity to be there again. See the photo-account from that event.


Pesto Sauces for Italian cuisine fans!


For Italian cuisine fans , our company has prepared a series of delicious pesto sauce . In our offer You can find Pesto Basilico , Pesto Rosso and Pesto di Canterella with mushrooms . With our pesto every dinner can turn into a mediterranean culinary adventure .

Pesto Basilico and Pesto Rosso is an Italian classic , mushrooms in pesto di Cantarella are tasty , aromatic polish accent in this product line .


It’s grilling time!


If we want our grill party to be suprising and unusual, our meal having a unique and great taste we have to properly prepare it and use a marinade. We have something for You! In our offer You can find ready-made marinades. The oriental and spicy Curry and Chilli Marinades, the best for chicken and poultry, and  Garlic Marinade – perfect for meat and fish. With our marinade meet gets delicious tenderness, softness and extraordinary taste.


For mind and body i.e. Horseradish on Cranberries

Chrzan na żurawinie


Horseradish on cranberries is a novelty in our assortment.

True Polish horseradish with 20% layer of cranberry fruits!

Perfect composition of flavour enriches delicate dishes, giving them distinct and mildly spicy character. Thanks to proper combination of high-quality Polish horseradish and sweet and sour cranberries, it suits perfectly not only Polish dishes. more

Cranberry news !

Żurawina w syropie

We present a novelty, which can already be found in shops – CRANBERRIES IN SYRUP
Perfect for different flavour compositions. Beneficial properties of these fruits are mentioned in section “For Health”, and recipes with the use of this product can be found in section “Recipes”


Do you know that…

żurawina - działanie

Imagine turnips used in shoes or jackets..
Cranberry fruits contain secondary plant substances, which have an exceptional ability:

they prevent bacteria from deposing on mucous membranes.

It is what makes cranberry so special. The effect of anti-adhesion of pro-anthocyanidin causes that bacteria E. coli are washed out with urine and cannot cause infections of bladder or kidneys.