Sour cabbage – a healthy method for detoxification.

Kapusta kwaszona

Sour cabbage is a traditional, preserved food product. In the era of a trend for fit-life, it has its second youth.


Discover the healing properties of sour cabbage:
-it refreshes the mind, gives the feeling of joy,
-immunizes against stress
-stimulates metabolism
-strengthens the immune system and increases muscles efficiency
-accelerates the use of iron
-helps in building bone tissues
-regulates fat metabolism and reduces the level of cholesterol
-strengthens muscles (particularly the heart muscle)
-stimulates cell growth and has a rejuvenating effect
-contributes to reconstruction of worn connective tissues

Cabbage is a perfect source of vitamins B, C, K, E, P and U. It contains beta-carotene, mineral salts, sodium, calcium, potassium, phosphorus, magnesium and iron. Thanks to vitamin B12, cabbage improves our mood, refreshes the mind, immunizes against stress and has a positive effect on the nervous system. It also contains niacin  (vitamin PP), which supports metabolism, and improves your mood. Consumption of sour cabbage accelerates the use of iron, it has a positive effect on building bone tissues, it stimulates cells, and thereby, rejuvenates the organism. It regulates fat metabolism and reduces the level of cholesterol. Thanks to vitamin B6, protein metabolism takes place. As sour cabbage contains quite a lot of vitamin C, it is perfect for supporting functioning of the immune system and improving muscles efficiency.


Dieticians emphasize a cleansing effect of treatment with sour cabbage juice. Drinking the juice or consuming raw cabbage accelerates metabolism. It is caused by cellulose, huge amounts of which can be found in cabbage. Moreover, cabbage regulates fat metabolism and reduces the level of cholesterol. Sour cabbage is a good element of a weight reduction diet, because of its low energy value. 100 g of cabbage gives only 16 kcal, nonetheless, it satisfies your hunger.

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