It’s grilling time!


If we want our grill party to be suprising and unusual, our meal having a unique and great taste we have to properly prepare it and use a marinade. We have something for You! In our offer You can find ready-made marinades. The oriental and spicy Curry and Chilli Marinades, the best for chicken and poultry, and  Garlic Marinade – perfect for meat and fish. With our marinade meet gets delicious tenderness, softness and extraordinary taste.

Marinades are great for grilling , baking and frying.  This is the effect of perfectly selected blend of herbs , spices and vegetables . Thanks to the relevant components  the meat does not dry out , is soft and juicy. Each dish has a golden color and crunchy crust .

Mild Garlic Marinade has a unique , gentle garlic flavor. It is completed by a mixture of herbs, spices and vegetables , giving the dish a delicious garlic, gently aroma.

Curry Marinade has an oriental flavour.  A bouquet of curry marinade perfectly underlines the advantages of grilled meat dishes . Excellent for meat and poultry.

Chilli Marinade flavor bouquet is dominated distinctly spicy chili peppers accent . Chili marinade allows us to move into the hot climates of the kitchen Tex – Mexican . Recommended for meat and poultry. Package contents is 200g . , Costs about 3.50 zł .


Proposals grill our company will satisfy even the most demanding tastes. The products are natural, delicious and flavorful. Marinade should be applied over the entire surface of meet  and left for minimum 2hours.



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